Our Competitive advantage

Experience results

For two decades, SVN has differentiated itself by pursuing every opportunity to deliver better results to our clients. An integral part of the equation is our unique business model, which creates a competitive bidding environment aimed at producing the highest returns for sellers.

SVN also recognizes the importance of personal relationships in the commercial real estate industry, and continues to concentrate on understanding the individual needs of clients. These goals are achieved with the support of leading technology tools and corporate culture designed to facilitate connections and global reach.

We’re the only commercial real estate firm built to immediately market every one of our clients’ properties to the entire brokerage community. Every aspect of our company, from our marketing techniques to our corporate culture, is built to deliver the best possible results.


We stick to our word, as a company and as individuals.


We treat our clients, our co-workers, and even our competitors fairly.


We recognize that good teamwork requires trust and open communication.


We adapt to the needs of our customers and solve problems efficiently.