Nick Malagisi, SIOR

“Why Barcelona?

 If it’s not the first question that someone asks me when I tell them that I attended the European Self Storage conference in Barcelona last month, I see it in the look on their faces or hear it in their voices. WHY would you go there?

Just in case you don’t already know it, our little industry has grown to 50,000 facilities across the USA & is alive & well in Europe, Asia, Latin America & Australasia. We are now a $ 22 Billion industry with a hit TV show & horror movie making the rounds in  theaters. In fact our industry is now larger than the movie industry !!!

It was not too long ago when it was thought that the rest of the world, and Europe in particular, lacked the “propensity to rent” that made America such a great market for the product because people in other countries just didn’t move as frequently as those in the USA. Demand for moving because of the original three “D’s”; death, divorce & natural disasters, is really a very small segment of the demand factor today.

So, the question still begs, “Why Barcelona ?”………….

Because we live in a world economy and, despite the current nationalistic climate of closing our borders(only to illegals), there is always something to be learned from each other; to make our product & service better for the customer or to help improve profitability for the entrepreneurs that still dominate our industry. I have never attended a self storage conference where I didn’t come back home with a worthy “take away” piece of information to help me in my real estate business or an idea that would be of interest to some of my clients. I am a Resource and Advisor, and NOT just a broker to my clients. Information is a key resource and I spend much of my day keeping up with what’s going on in our industry.

In the meantime, I hope to see many of you at the next state chapter conference, or our NYC “Investment Forum” to learn about the latest in real estate & finance, or at one of the national self storage conferences where we can continue to share ideas and look to our vendors with their innovative products and services for our businesses and/or clients.

Best regards & a Happy Thanksgiving to all !……Nick Malagisi, SIOR

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