Self Storage REALTY

The SVN National Self Storage Team specializes in the brokerage, valuation analysis, marketing, financing, and development consulting of self-storage assets across the United States. Our seasoned team of commercial real estate investment brokers are focused exclusively on self-storage.

With brokers in major markets from coast to coast, our clients benefit from the unique combination of SVN’s robust national platform and the local market expertise to provide buyers and sellers with the latest, most critical information in a rapidly evolving market. This local market knowledge is key to optimize the transaction process and deliver an equitable deal for all parties.

The SVN National Self Storage Team combines focused self-storage experience and local market expertise, backed by the power of a national platform, which provides distinct value for our clients. While this is a compelling differentiator, what really sets the The SVN National Self Storage Team team apart is accountability, responsibility, and transparency. We proactively collaborate with all brokers and agents to address challenges efficiently, effectively, and positively, while always keeping our clients’ interests at the forefront of all we do.